Scott Hughes

Swimming 2,000 Yards

I have been swimming on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I swim 2,000 yards total. I do it by doing 100 yard sets.

My goal is to work down to 30 minutes, so that it only takes me 30 minutes to do all 2,000 yards.

Scott Hughes

Join These Recent Triathlon Discussions

Triguy3 asks, how many triathlons have you done? Tell us how many you did and how many more you plan to do.

Lgmail35 asks, how long have you been involved with triathlon?

Also, we have been discussing what our triathlon training routines are. What is your triathlon training routine?

Talk about those topics and more in the Triathlon Forums. It’s completely free.

Scott Hughes

Active Job

While doing community service, I am reminded of the value of having an active job. A lot of us have jobs that make us stay seated most of the day. Athletes can benefit from having a job that requires manual labor and physical activity. You will get natural exercise while doing your job. Perhaps, if you do not have a job like that, you could consider volunteering once or twice a week. Who says you can’t mix your triathlon training with volunteering?

Scott Hughes

Finding The Mileage Of Your Run Route

If you want to find a running route of a certain distance, here is a tip: Go out with your car and drive in a loop. Before you drive, reset the odometer used to measure trips. This will tell you how many miles (or kilometers) your route is. You can add or subtract distance as you deem fit.

Scott Hughes

Thanksgiving Is Over

Luckily, most triathletes do so much training and exercising that eating too much is not a big problem. Of course, many may be concerned about the extra calories they consumed on Thanksgiving. Well, it is over now, so just get back to work. ;)

Scott Hughes

Using Indoor Stairs to Train For Triathlon

I’ve been looking for ways to train for triathlon indoors, since it is so cold outside now. I think running up and down stairways can be great. Even though you do not do that in triathlons, it will still help build endurance and leg strength. Also, doing stairs will probably be intense enough to give us a good workout in not that much time.

Scott Hughes

First Day of Snow

Today we received our first snow of the winter here in Connecticut. This is not good news to people who train outdoors. I am going to do more of my training indoors.

Scott Hughes

Calender of Triathlon Events

I’m looking for a Calender of triathlon events. It would be best if it was global, but had a way of filtering the events to more specific locations. If you know where we can find such a calendar or something that would serve the same purpose, please post about it in our Triathlon Forums.

Scott Hughes

Have you joined the forums yet?

Have you joined the Triathlon Forums yet? If not, go ahead and join them now. It’s completely free! It’s a great way to talk about triathlons and triathlon training. You can exchange information and motivation.

Scott Hughes

George Sheehan Quote about Running

I found this quote today that I think you will all like:

“When I run, truly run… It is all there. My body does what it does best. The mind like a kaleidoscope constantly rearranges the things it has stored into new and exciting patterns. And my soul utterly loses itself in the present.” – Dr. George Sheehan

What do you think?

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