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First Steps

Dec 17, 2006 |

I wanted to blog earlier this week, and I plan to blog everyday from now on, but in the last few days I had to figure out how I’m going to start. I did go swimming on Thursday morning, and I did about 1700 yards.

I know I have to start training more than on just Tuesday and Thursday morning. I wrote down a 25 minute routine to do in the mornings when the pool isn’t open, consisting of squat thrusts, jumping jacks, etc. Unfortunately, I can’t find the paper at the moment, but when I do I’ll post it.

Additionally, I’m going to do a short Yoga routine. The Yoga routine won’t only be good to help develop the fitness necessary to do Triathlons, but also will help ensure I train my flexibility enough. I sometimes think I don’t stretch enough. The yoga routine I use is Power Yoga the Complete Workout – Stamina, Strength, Flexibility with Rodney Yee.

At night, I’m going to lift weights with a weight bench, barbell, and dumbbell set I have in my basement. I have to go light, though, because I hurt my shoulder a few months ago. I feel pain if I lift to heavy with my arms.

Witt all that exercise, I need to keep a serious eye on my nutrition. I have to make sure I am getting enough vitamins, minerals, protein, and energy to sustain my workouts and repair my muscles and such. However, I also want to make sure I am eating healthy, since I’m training for a triathlon I cannot afford to get fat. Since, I’m a vegan, I have special concerns as well. I currently take a protein powder supplement, and fortified cereal.

There’s one more major and immediate change I think it’s wise to make. However, unlike the others, I’m unsure if I really want to do this. I think I may need to stop drinking and smoking. I drink often, and smoke occasionally. Not only do I need to stop for the health benefits, but time concerns as well. I already work a lot, and I need to make sure I have enough time to train for triathlons. The problem with drinking is that I lost both the time I spend out drinking, and the time that I oversleep the next day, etc. What do you think? Discuss this issue in the forums, and I’ll make a decision before tomorrow.

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  1. It should make it a lot easier to train if you cut out the smoking and the alcohol. Besides the companies that sell the cigarettes and alcohol(well alot of the alcohol) are pure evil.