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Choosing Triathlon Shorts

Dec 28, 2006 |

The town closed the public pool for this week for Christmas vacation, so I only just preformed my home exercises. It works out well, because I got sick after Christmas. I started feeling better today, though.

Anyway, soon I need to get triathlon shorts. Low Jeremy wrote the following article about triathlon shorts:

Your Standards in Choosing Your Triathlon Shorts

Everyone has his unique anatomy. And that, my friend must be the foremost consideration in choosing you triathlon shorts.

You can of course choose to base your choice of shorts on the quality of the material, the price or the over-all construction. But it is good to remember that there is no rule of thumb that will help determine the type that you will wear on the race day. After all, gears and equipments are your personal preferences.

Triathlon shorts are quite hard to recommend due to our unique anatomical structures. This means that measurements of the crotch, butts and lengths vary largely depending on the persons using them. In shopping for your own, it would be best to try on as much types and models as you can to secure that your last choice will fit you comfortably. It will always be miss or hit and you have to pray for your luck.

We cannot provide you the exact answers but allow us to help by presenting several factors that will help lead you towards better choices.

Price You get what you pay for, this rule generally applies to almost all items that we see in the market. Better toss a few more dollars on a triathlon shorts that will help add to your performance than sacrifice to ill-fated shorts. Cheaper triathlon shorts are more likely to be substandard items. Cheap shorts cant provide you durability either because for most conditions, manufacturers cut through quality to give way to quantity of production.

Panels The more panels the shorts have the higher the quality the manufacturer incorporated in the product. Additional panels won’t damage the product, as many people believe. Actually they create more strength.

Liner Any self-respecting triathlon shorts manufacturers know that apart from the shorts itself, the liner plays the major role. Don’t go for those that are made from plastic compartments, thick paddings or gel inserts.

Leg length Fashion dictates the length of triathlon shorts. And as we have seen, the length has been yo-yoing around that no one can actually tell what’s best and what’s not. It is after all, a personal choice between short shorts or not-so-short shorts.

Waist length While we have been discussing how unstandardized triathlon shorts can be, the waist length marks as an exception. To be able to provide enough comfort during cycling, the waist length must be cut high back. And the front side must be cut low so bending is easier.

In most cases, snuggers prove to be of greatest value since they keep in place no matter how rigid the legwork or the waters may be.

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    Well here is blog address.. the site is still under- development.