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Knowing Your Triathlon Training Schedule

Feb 3, 2007 |

Low Jeremy provides the following information about knowing your triathlon training schedule:

For a plan to become feasible, it must be definitely defined and the time table must be properly set, that way, the trainee will be able to adjust well on the transitions of each training modes.

The Triathlon Training

The onset of the training for a triathlon must be set months or even a year before the actual race. It would be good to lay the foundations early than spread them late. If you are serious with making triathlon competitions your lifestyle, then you must atleast be properly acquainted to the fundamentals years before your decision to join.

Why does it have to take that long you ask. Triathlon is simply a game of endurance made from three endurance sports, which create thrice the effects. If you fail to train on due time for one field then the domino effect of late training is likely to occur.

Training does not only include the development of the physical muscles but also the mental prowess that will determine your mind set during the game. Attitude can still create the difference, especially once the muscles start to give way on the final leg. It will be attitude that will flicker the encouragement to keep on running.

The Triathlon Race

Most athletes don’t get enough sleep the night before the race. This must not be the case since lack of sleep might spoil your investments on training months (and even years!) before the scheduled date.

All things must be prepared days before the race. The worse things that you might do is to forget to do an essential thing just before the race and find out that it’s too late to start again. Your gears must be in good order, your suits, your equipments and most especially yourself.

An hour before the competition, competitors will be given time to arrange their stuffs. Be sure to put these in strategic positions. Afterwhich, try to gather yourself and release tension, from the crowd and from yourself. A good joke will do or start day dreaming. But never loose sight of your goal, work towards your visualization.

During the race, it would be best if you will focus on the activity itself but don’t be too rigid. Try to relax even while you swim. That way, pressure will be lessened.

After the Triathlon

Normally, because of overwork or overstrain during the competition, athletes experience muscle injuries. After the race would be the best time to relax and enjoy the experiences.

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