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Importance of a Fast Triathlon Transition

Feb 8, 2007 |

In her article, Top Ten Tips for a Fast Transition, Lynda Wallenfels explains the importance of a fast triathlon transition:

Newbie triathletes generally regard the transition area as a place to rest and regroup – a place to celebrate the completion of one leg of the race and prepare for the next. Sometimes, it feels like the gravity in transition areas is ten times normal with food, drink, sunscreen and friendly volunteers happy to chat.

Out on the race course everybody is pushing forward in the same direction but in the transition area, athletes are milling around in all directions and the sense of racing can disappear. How many hours of swim practice would it take to lop two minutes off your swim time? Probably hundreds, maybe even thousands. How many hours of transition practice would it take to lop two minutes off your transition time? Maybe only one!

What do you think?

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One Response

  1. Good point. It is taking me WAY WAY too many hours to try to shave 2 mins off my very slow swim. :( On the other hand, sometimes we tend to rush through transition, forgetting important stuff like drink/food (or even to take off the helmet). :)

    I guess having a PLAN even for the transitions is important, and when we have a plan, we have to practice it.