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Monthly Archives: March 2007

What You Must Know About Triathlon Suit

Mar 30, 2007 |

Low Jeremy writes about what he says you must know about triathlon suits: Triathlon suits are normally wet suits. Nonetheless, they are matters of personal choice. Anyone can choose their suits according to their best judgements and no one can restrict them from doing so. But whatever freedom is given to the racers, they still […more]

Important Triathlon Training Tips

Mar 29, 2007 |

Gabriel Adams offers the following triathlon training tips: A triathlon is one of the most brutal and taxing sports that you can take part in. However finishing a triathlon can also be one of the most rewarding things that you can do in a lifetime. The worst thing that you can do is signing up […more]

Get the Most Out of Your Triathlete Training Program

Mar 22, 2007 |

Ben Greenfield wrote an article called How to Get the Most Out of Your Triathlete Training Program: 1. Baseline Measurements No training program should be designed without first determining proper training zones and intensities. The more specific the better. Raise your eyebrow when a training program simply instructs you to go at “race pace”, or […more]

How To Absolutely Suck In Your Next Triathlon

Mar 20, 2007 |

I like the funny title of Ben Greenfield’s article, How To Absolutely Suck In Your Next Triathlon. Read the article below: For some of you, this article comes a bit too late. You’ve had a great season and it’s too late to mess up in any more races. For others, you’ve still got time to […more]

Triathlon Training Program

Mar 19, 2007 |

Low Jeremy gives advice for a triathlon training program: Training program is largely dependent on the character of the person undergoing it. The type will be dictated by the experiences the trainee has had, the level of performance he gives and can give, the body physique and a number of others. It will definitely start […more]

Men’s Triathlon Clothing – Dress For Success

Mar 18, 2007 |

Mike Herman writes about men’s triathlon clothing: In the world of triathlons, men triathlon clothing may be the difference between doing well and winning the race. In these days of high tech fabrics and unique methods of clothing construction, what you wear has never been more important. If you are competing in worn, torn clothing, […more]

5 Open Water Swim Tips For Triathletes

Mar 17, 2007 |

Ben Greenfield writes 5 open water swim tips for triathletes: 1. Try your race goggles in open water swims *before* the actual race. The visibility that you experience in the pool will be noticeably diminished in the open water. It doesn’t make sense at all for something as simple as goggles to severely affect your […more]

Tapering For a Triathlon

Mar 15, 2007 |

Kevin Koskella writes about tapering for a triathlon: You may have been training for weeks or months already, but now it is 2 weeks before your race and it’s time to think about resting. Many triathletes find this more difficult than swimming 5,000 yards, biking the hills, or running a half marathon! Here are some […more]

Training With a Heart Rate Monitor

Mar 13, 2007 |

Doug Wilson writes about triathlon training with a heart rate monitor: Training with a heart rate monitor is one of the most important things you can do for several reasons. First and foremost, your primary goal should be to train safely. Never begin a training regimen without first getting clearance from your physician. You donít […more]

Triathlon Training for Beginner Athletes

Mar 12, 2007 |

Mike Herman writes about triathlon training for beginner athletes: If you are new to the wonderful sport and are a triathlon training beginner, welcome to a new and exciting chapter in your life! This competitive sport is a thrilling road race, bicycle tour, and swim meet all in one. Whatever your reasons for beginning the […more]