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Men’s Triathlon Clothing – Dress For Success

Mar 18, 2007 |

Mike Herman writes about men’s triathlon clothing:

In the world of triathlons, men triathlon clothing may be the difference between doing well and winning the race.

In these days of high tech fabrics and unique methods of clothing construction, what you wear has never been more important.

If you are competing in worn, torn clothing, consider revamping your wardrobe and your racing attitude by choosing the latest kinds of clothing.

The rise of technology advanced clothing is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a leg up on their competition and enjoy newfound success in the sport of triathlons.

Perfect For Land Or Sea

Since triathlons take place both on land and in water, it makes perfect sense that mens triathlon clothing should accommodate both environments.

Today’s latest pieces of triathlon clothing take its cue from the amphibians that occupy both types of living.

Instead of having to change outfits between each stage of the race or suffer through bulky, heavy, inappropriate clothing that can chafe, aggravate, and hamper your movements, these technologically advanced pieces of clothing are custom made for triathletes by triathletes.

Type Of Clothing

When it comes to the typical triathlete’s apparel , there are many options in the specific types of clothing available.

Typically though, there are two main options: wear a two piece uniform of shorts and a shirt or wear a sleek one piece outfit.

The difference between these two types of clothing is vast, and the preference is strictly a personal one.

If you are wondering what type of triathlon outfit would be best for your specific style and needs, you are strongly urged to try both types.

Some individuals find the one piece suits a dream, since they fit your body like a second skin.

Other athletes stand by the tradition of wear separates during their racing and stick to the basics.

Triathlon shorts are available in two main styles: trunks and form-fitting shorts reminiscent of traditional bicycling shorts.

Both types of these shorts are custom made for running, swimming, and riding in a triathlon.

The trunk style of triathlon shorts are made in a similar style of swimming trunks, but featured a padded crotch region to make riding your bicycle more comfortable.

Similarly, form-fitting shorts are made with less padding which, unlike bicycle shorts, are more comfortable for running and swimming.

Both of these types of shorts are made from technologically advanced fabrics that are capable of drying quickly and weigh next to nothing.

The Water

When the water temperature is incredibly cold for those early morning or late season triathlons, look no further than wet suits.

Although typical wetsuits are bulky, thick, and cumbersome, the triathlon wetsuits are sleek and lightweight.

These wetsuits were first engineered in the mid-1980s by triathlete Dan Empfield.

Fed up with the old fashioned wetsuits suitable for scuba diving but not triathlons, Empfield created a suit that was lightweight and allowed considerable mobility, but was still warm for those chilly waters.

Unlike other wetsuits, the texture of the construction fabric is slick, which allows the athlete to slide through the water with the greatest of ease.

For this reason, triathlon wet suits should not be used for any other sporting event, especially surfing, since the material is fragile and the fabric can easily tear when it comes in contact with sandy surfaces.

Finally, Empfield’s wet suits were made to be donned and taken off quickly and easily, which allows you to save precious minutes during the transition periods between each stage of the race.

Just like your regular clothes , wearing the right outfit to a triathlon can greatly affect your performance. For this reason, take special care when purchasing the outfits for your favored sporting event.

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