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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Ironman Tips You May Find Helpful

Mar 6, 2007 |

Ray Fauteux wrote some ironman tips you may find helpful: Here are a few bits of information I’ve thought of along the way that may be helpful to you. Please read them. Some are extremely important and could have a profound effect on your Ironman effort…… 1)As race-week approaches, avoid any changes in your sleep […more]

Surviving the Triathlon Start

Mar 5, 2007 |

Kevin Koskella writes about surviving the triathlon start: The start of a triathlon can be nerve-wracking, tiring, intimidating, frustrating, and even discouraging (why do we do this sport??). But don’t let all this get to you! The start for everyone is a crazy cluster of splashing, starts and stops, physical contact, and swimmers trying to […more]

Ironman, Family, and Social Life

Mar 3, 2007 |

Ray Fauteux writes about striking a balance between ironman, your Family and your social life: I truly believe there comes a time in everyones life when they’re faced with an opportunity to do something special for themselves that may require them to be a little selfish. As much as you may love family and friends, […more]

The Proper Nutrition For A Triathlon

Mar 2, 2007 |

Mike Herman writes about the proper nutrition for a triathlon: Any sport or activity requires you to provide your body with the correct fuel you need to successfully complete the task at hand. This is especially true for athletes attempting to compete in a triathlon. In addition to training your body for the swimming, biking, […more]

First Ironman and the Fear Factor

Mar 1, 2007 |

Ray Fauteux writes about your first ironman and the fear factor: What scares you the most about your upcoming ironman race? What’s your fear-factor? As fit as a person is going into their first career Ironman, the fear-factor is always in the equation as the big day creeps ever closer. As cool and confident as […more]