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A Guide To Running Shoes

Apr 16, 2007 |

Gray Rollins wrote a short guide to running shoes:

Running Shoes

Having a good pair of running shoes is an important factor to making the sport enjoyable. The correct pair of running shoes can prevent injury and make your foot feel comfortable. Choose the wrong shoes, however, and the opposite can happen. If you want a great way to prevent injury, spend some time to choose the right shoe.

Specialty Stores For Running Shoes

It may be worthwhile to visit a store that specializes in providing running shoes. The staff is trained to help you find the right pair of shoes for your stride and the way you place your foot. They watch you walk and run and select a series of shoes that correct any problems. You can also tell them about any nagging injuries you may have. They will use all of these factors to recommend good shoes to you.

Choosing Your Own Running Shoes

If you canít find a specialty store, you can easily go through that process yourself. By looking at your old shoes and analyzing your footprint, you can determine what type of foot you have. Once you do that, you will want a shoe that will help provide extra support to compensate for these problems.

If you overpronate, you tend to place extra stress on the inside portion of your feet when you walk and run. If you are a supinator you tend to place extra emphasis on the outside edges. A normal pronator has a footprint that is evenly distributed and has a healthy arch.

Different Brands and Styles

There are a lot of different running shoes out there. At first glance, choosing one can seem overwhelming. But, once you try a few on and understand what kind of foot you have, the process is much simpler. The key is to understand exactly what you need to choose the best running shoes. Look at several different styles. Try them on with proper socks and run with them. How do they feel? Choose the ones that feel the best.

What Kind of Running?

You will need different shoes depending on if you run on the trails or run on the street or on a track. Trail running requires extra support and traction. Some sporting goods stores donít even carry trail running shoes so you will need to find outdoor sports stores or visit a specialty running shoe store to find what you need.

Replace them Often

The key to good running shoes is to replace them often. Each time you run, the padding gets warn down. In general, you need to replace your running shoes several times over the course of the year, especially if you run all the time. This will help prevent injury and make your runs more enjoyable.

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