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Running a Race

May 11, 2007 |

Niki Aubertin wrote the following article about running a race:

Running and racing are taken quite seriously. One may run or race say on a trail for good health, building tolerance or simply for pleasure. While others are very seriously into specific running events. Racing comes with particular considerations, one could be to choose the best running shoes to help you shave time.
Some of the best manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike and Asics take this point very seriously also. That is not to say that you would not meet the needs you are specifically looking for in perhaps Merrell, New Balance, Salomon, and Mizuno. These just mentioned are also ranked among the best in shoe manufacturers. They have racing shoes with details such as feather lightweight fabrics or mesh, medium cushioning and considerations for full traction while running at top speed.
Choose a shoe that provides enough detail to know if the racing shoes you are interested in are made for the small to medium built runners, check the type of arches they cater to. Choose only what appears to be the perfect match for you. Do not under estimate the difference in the weight of a racing shoe and how much time you may be able to shave off your personal time. I am talking a possible second per mile. Think about it. It is possible and could make a winning difference.
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