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Missed Some Morning Workouts

May 19, 2007 |

I have been waking up late and missing my morning cardio workout and Yoga. I could just do my workout whenever I do get up, but I try to start working (not exercising) at 1:00pm everyday. If I started much later, I would either not get all my work done or I’d end up working past midnight.

I have been getting my nighttime workouts in.

I haven’t yet build biking into my regular workout routine. Now that the pool is closed, I need to do that. Although, I don’t have a car, so I often bike anywhere I want to go anyway as a means of transportation.

I haven’t decided to do any triathlons particular triathlons yet, let alone register for them. I want to do that soon, not only because the weather’s finally good enough, but mostly because it will motivate to keep up with my triathlon training.

Do you miss your workouts too? How do you (at least try to) stay on track with them? Tell me at my Triathlon Forums.

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