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Monthly Archives: July 2007

Swimming Level in the Water

Jul 29, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote about how to swim level in water: I got an email from a beginner triathlete that went like this: “Can you help me with my triathlon swimming? When I get in the water I sink like a rock and can’t keep myself near the top of the water. Any tips?” This […more]

How Do I Get My Bike Miles Up?

Jul 28, 2007 |

Janet Wilson wrote an article about getting your bike miles up: I got a question this week from a triathlete struggling to build up mileage on his triathlon bike. This is a common challenge for triathletes. The trick here is to build mileage slowly and consistently. Here are some tips: Remember to consult your physician […more]

5 Keys to Race Day Nutrition for Your Next Triathlon

Jul 27, 2007 |

Janet Wilson wrote an article about race day nutrition: I am often asked by triathletes, “What should I eat to kick butt in my next triathlon?” The answer is, “It depends.” I’m not a nutritionist, but I have learned a lot about my own nutrition planning through years of training experience. Each individual is different, […more]

Not This Season

Jul 22, 2007 |

I won’t participate in any Ironmans this year. I cannot get ready for it in time. Hopefully, I can get ready by next year. I just have to keep training. I have to overcome a few obstacles first. Most of all, my feet start to hurt once I run more than 2 miles at a […more]

Night Running

Jul 21, 2007 |

I do all my running at night, because it is too hot during the day. I hope to get out cycling more during the day. I want to think of somewhere to which I can cycle, because I would prefer doing that to cycling around aimlessly. Do you cycle anywhere, or just go around in […more]

Keys To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke

Jul 20, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote an article entitled Keys To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke: Swimming is the hardest of the three triathlon disciplines to master for most of the triathletes I coach. Probably the biggest reason is that swimming is the most “technique dependent” of the disciplines. If you just jump in a pool and […more]

Triathlon Training – 7 Triathlon Training Tips

Jul 19, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote an article with 7 triathlon training tips: If you are a beginner or just getting started in triathlon, here are 7 more tips on how to train smart for triathlon: 1. Try the distance – Do a “practice event” at your own pace a week or two before the event. You […more]

6 Swim Tips For Your First Triathlon

Jul 18, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote an article with 6 swim tips for your first triathlon: Are you a triathlon beginner intimidated by the swim? Don’t feel bad – most beginners find the swim the toughest of the three disciplines. Here are 6 swimming tips to help you perform well during the swim at your first triathlon […more]

Dambuster Triathlon Review

Jul 10, 2007 |

Dom Clacy recently reviewed the Dambuster Triathlon: It was the day I had been waiting for…further that, the day I had been training for. The winter base and months of following training would all amount to this race, the Dambuster. The Dambuster Triathlon, one of pacesetter events finest would be my first Olympic distance event. […more]

7 Tips For Your First Triathlon

Jul 6, 2007 |

Janet Wilson wrote an article with 7 tips for triathlon beginners: As a beginner to triathlon, you probably have a lot of questions. The best advice I have for a beginner’s first triathlon is to take it easy and to have a good time – it’s not brain surgery and should be fun. Here are […more]