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Triathlon Swimming

Swimming 2,000 Yards

Jan 23, 2008 |

I have been swimming on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I swim 2,000 yards total. I do it by doing 100 yard sets. My goal is to work down to 30 minutes, so that it only takes me 30 minutes to do all 2,000 yards.

Indoor Pools Open Soon

Sep 14, 2007 |

The indoor pools for my town open on October 1st. I’m excited. I get my best endurance exercise in the pool. I think because the water regulated my body temperature, and just because I swim better than I run and bike. I’m considering running down to the pool to swim, rather than driving. Why not […more]

2 Days Each Week

Sep 11, 2007 |

My town has a public pool at the high-school that residents can use to swim laps during the winter. Unfortunately, the pool is only open 2 days each week. It has about an hour of lap swim in the early morning and an hour at night, on Tuesday and Thursday. I wish it had more. […more]

Swimming Intervals

Sep 6, 2007 |

When you are at the pool, you don’t need to swim as long of a distance as you will in your race. You can swim intervals at a faster pace. This will give you enough training. If you can do a 500 straight-through, you will probably be able to do the full length of the […more]

Coach Dan Answers Your Swimming Questions

Aug 15, 2007 |

My brother-in-law Dan recently won Age Group Coach of the Year in Connecticut in swimming. Why does this matter to you? It matters to you because he will help answer any of your swimming-related questions to assist you in your triathlon training and competing. You can ask your questions for free in the following thread […more]

Swimming Level in the Water

Jul 29, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote about how to swim level in water: I got an email from a beginner triathlete that went like this: “Can you help me with my triathlon swimming? When I get in the water I sink like a rock and can’t keep myself near the top of the water. Any tips?” This […more]

Keys To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke

Jul 20, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote an article entitled Keys To Improve Your Triathlon Swim Stroke: Swimming is the hardest of the three triathlon disciplines to master for most of the triathletes I coach. Probably the biggest reason is that swimming is the most “technique dependent” of the disciplines. If you just jump in a pool and […more]

6 Swim Tips For Your First Triathlon

Jul 18, 2007 |

Janet Wilson recently wrote an article with 6 swim tips for your first triathlon: Are you a triathlon beginner intimidated by the swim? Don’t feel bad – most beginners find the swim the toughest of the three disciplines. Here are 6 swimming tips to help you perform well during the swim at your first triathlon […more]

Structure Your Swim Training Plan

Jun 23, 2007 |

Kevin Koskella recently wrote an article about how to structure your swim training plan: There are generally two types of people who seek out swim help for their triathlon swim (and become Tri Swim Coach subscribers!): A) Novice. This person hardly swims. They have not done a race yet or have done one but floundered. […more]

Do You Hate Swimming?

Jun 20, 2007 |

Kevin Koskella recently wrote an article, entitled “Do You Hate Swimming?” Here it is: Overwhelmingly, when I talk to triathletes and aspiring triathletes, I hear a similar theme when it comes to their view on swimming. It usually goes something like this: “I could to a triathlon, if it weren’t for the swim!” or “My […more]